Material                 Specifications 

CNC Milling 

Model: Mori Seiki SL 25 

Swing Over Bed                                       20.5"  Swing Over Cross Slide                             13.8"
Machining Diameter, Max.                        10.2"
Distance Between Centers                       25.6"
Machining Length, Max.                           20.9"
Spindle Bore                                             3.1"
Maximum Bar Capacity                              2.6"
Spindle Motor                                         20 HP
Turret Capacity                                         10
Tailstock Body Travel                               19.3"

Lathes                                          17" Cadillac 


14" Optical Comparator 
2 - 32" - 24" Surface Plates 
Height Gauges 
Precision Blocks 
Indicator Mics. 

CNC Turning 

B&J Engineering has great experience in the manufacture and production of various CNC turning products. We turn metals, plastics, and alloys with great precision.  One of the strengths of our machining is our full range of in-house capabilities, including engineering, production, and inspection.  In addition, a wide range of equipment is available to perform the production CNC machining needed to deliver a consistent end product – whether it is in terms of plastic CNC turning, metal CNC machining, precision turned manufacturing or production CNC machining.  B&J Engineering has access to a broad variety of plastics and metals from a large number of vendors, giving you, the client; the option to have your precision component machined, turned and milled in whatever material meets your exacting design parameters.

While many types of plastics and metals have been mentioned (see below), contact us with your specific material requirements and applications.  B&J Engineering has the capability of CNC turning of material up to 10.2 inches in diameter, and diameters as small as 0.125”, and can hold precision tolerances of 0.0005”.  If precision tolerances are needed, we can perform secondary operations to meet that requirement.  At B&J Engineering, we have the top CNC lathes available for CNC turning operations and production (see right).

Working with exotic material 

Precision machining

There are many challenges to working with various types of material in CNC machining. It takes decades of experience to be able to machine parts from exotic metals and all different types of plastics. Bronze based metals have unique challenges as well and many times our clients want us to have their products painted, powder coated, anodized, or laser etched after machining which means planning n crucial to the success of any exotic materials project we get from a client.

Many people mistakenly believe that because some materials are softer than steel, like plastic, that it must be easy to make complex parts. Well it is, until you have to hold high tolerances and work with very small parts.

We also maintain an excellent business relationship with many vendors to get the needs of our clients met quickly and under budget. 

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Model: Mori Seiki MV 40

X-Axis Travel                                            31.5"
Y-Axis Travel                                            16.1"
Z-Axis Travel                                            20.1"
Table Size                                   43.3' x 19 3/4"
Distance Spindle Nose to Table Top      5.9" - 26"
Spindle Speeds                                 8,000 RPM
Spindle Taper                                         No. 40
Spindle Motor                                          10 HP​
ATC                                                            20​

Bridgeport mill with digital readouts 


​​Harvel surface grinder 8” x 15” mag.
Industrial Baldor 8" Grinder With Iron Base Pedestal Stand


Aluminum               2000, 6000, and 7000 series
Stainless Steel        300 and 17 series 
Steel                      Mild steel, alloy steel, cast steel
Brass                      All Shapes 
Bronze                   All Shapes
Plastics                  Lexan, polypropylene, PVC

Along with CNC turning capabilities, B&J Engineering can perform CNC drilling, milling, sawing, and much more!

The preceding lists are just a sampling of the metals, alloys, plastics and other materials that B&J Engineering has experience with and has successfully machined into products for satisfied customers. If you’re looking to fabricate a component or product in a material not listed here, give the staff at B&J Engineering a call – we will assist you with your unique component requirements!

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Machining Services 

With extensive experience in CNC milling, CNC turning of a wide range of engineered plastics, stainless steels, metal alloys and other metals, B&J Engineering is ready to meet or exceed customers’ precision plastic machining and CNC machining metal needs.  Our specialties include precision medical components for various medical devices, as well as parts for the automotive sector, and many other industries such as aircraft and aerospace, industrial and commercial.  We pride ourselves in meeting the specific tolerances in terms of CNC milled and machined plastics and metals of each and every one of our customers.  Whatever the tolerances for your components are, B&J Engineering can meet or surpass them.

For purposes of prototyping and production, B&J Engineering uses the following CNC Milling Machines (See right). 

Having 4th axis capability allows multiple parts to be completely machined before a tool change is required.  Almost any angle can be reached by utilizing the full 360 degrees of axis rotation.  B&J Engineering has the capability to take on multiple operations and set-ups and combine processes, resulting in efficient as well as cost effective CNC milling.

B&J Engineering can deliver large lots of finished CNC milled components with a high consistency and quality (with the corresponding cost savings).  In addition, since we can deliver precision CNC milled parts with a high level of consistency and quality, it can result in finished CNC components going directly to a ship to stock status (bypassing quality control and inspection).  Whatever your requirement or need in precision CNC milled parts, contact B&J Engineering today to discuss your requirements.